Making a Cookie Cutter with a Form+ and Adobe Fusion 360

My kid loves cookies (you know, unlike every other child) and Transformers (also unlike every other child).  Fortunately, I have a Form+ printer and Adobe Fusion, so making our own Transformers cookie cutters isn't too complicated.

First, a disclaimer: formlabs resin isn't rated for food.  Using it to cut or work with food is done at your own risk, and neither I nor anyone else takes any responsibility for your choices.  In my case, I'm comfortable that the fully-cured part, covered in acrylic spray, is safe for myself to use to quickly shape the dough.  However, whatever you do is your call.

A simple cookie cutter is just the perimeter of the shape, but doing it that way limits the amount of detail I can use.  A more advanced cutter has a framework on the top of the cutter that allows you to partially protrude additional details to emboss the cut cookie.  This has the added advantage - when 3D printing - of providing more rigidity and stability to the printed product.

I started with the Decepticon logo, and loaded it into Adobe Fusion as a guide.  For a full discussion of that technique, look here:

In Fusion, it looked like this.

The finished design in Autodesk Fusion 360

This was a simple process: trace the shapes, sweep the paths up, then add the background bracing.  Holes were carved out to avoid suction in the cutter.

A final render in Fusion 360.

Then, it was printed in Clear v.2 Formlabs resin on my Form 1+.

The printed cutter.

Finally, it was sanded and sprayed with acrylic.